Taoyuan Metro Passenger Guide

Ticket Prices and Types

Single-Journey Ticket/One Day Pass

Single-Journey Ticket/One Day Pass
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Periodic Ticket/Group Ticket

Periodic Ticket/Group Ticket
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Ticket company’s stored-value cards

Ticket company’s stored-value cards
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Other Types

Other Types
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Mobile Credit Card Payment

Transport Code


Purchasing Tickets

  • For ticket prices, please refer to the list of ticket prices announced by the Company at the station. Passengers entering and exiting the same station will pay the minimum single-journey ticket price posted in the station. For special conditions, please contact station personnel for assistance.
  • Passengers under six years old (please show the ID for children over 115cm tall or above) can take the MRT free of charge if they are accompanied by fare-paid passengers. Children cannot travel alone if they are not accompanied by fare-paid passengers, and the Company has the right to refuse to provide transportation to these children.

Using Tickets

  • Aside from group tickets, each ticket of the Company can be used by one person only for one ride. It cannot be used by more than one person.
  • Passengers should keep their valid tickets safe. Tickets should not be damaged, scratched, or written on. The ticket holder will be liable for compensating for the damage for tickets that cannot be recognized or used because of inappropriate usage or storage.
  • Passengers damaging a single-journey ticket shall return the single-journey ticket and pay a fee of NT$50.
  • Ticket cards sold by ticket companies will be processed in accordance with the terms and conditions set by these companies.
  • When entering and exiting the stations, each passenger should use only one ticket card by tapping it on the ticket sensing area. Do not use multiple cards at the same time.

Making up Fare Difference

Exiting the station exceeding the permitted period
  • Except for matters attributable to the company, the period of time for passengers from entering the paid area to exiting the paid area is stipulated below.
    (1) A maximum of two hours is allowed for passengers entering and exiting different stations.
    (2) A maximum of 15 minutes is allowed for passengers entering and exiting the same station.
  • Passengers exiting the station exceeding the permitted period of time will pay not only the ticket price but also be charged for the minimum one-way fare as an overtime fee.
Fare for traveling additional zones
  • Single-Journey tickets and group tickets: Passengers traveling additional zones should pay fares for the additional zones, i.e., fares for zones they have travelled.
  • Ticket cards from ticket card companies: When passengers are exiting the station without having enough money stored on their cards to pay the fare, they should go to Information Counter at the station to add money to their cards or to pay cash fares for the entire trip.
  • Passengers traveling without a ticket, using invalid tickets, or using false status to buy tickets and travel have to make up the difference and pay a default penalty of 50 times the supposed ticket price.
  • Regarding fares for traveling additional zones and the default penalty mentioned above, if passengers cannot provide any proof for their starting point of the trip, the fare and the default penalty will be calculated using the maximum one-way fare announced by the Company.
  • Passengers losing or damaging their single-journey tickets have to pay the expense for the single-journey ticket aside from paying the fare for the trip.
  • Except for matters attributable to the Company, passengers cannot exit the station until they have made up the difference by cash in accordance with the regulations. Passengers who have already paid a fare higher than the required fare cannot ask for a refund.
  • Passengers who need to make up the difference or pay the default penalty but cannot pay the amount immediately should provide their ID documents, fill out the form for making up the fare difference, and make payment at the designated office by the Company. Should passengers fail to make up the fare difference within the required period, the Company will request recovery in accordance with the law.
  • Passengers using forged or altered tickets will be reported by the Company to the police in addition to handling the case in accordance with the regulations on fare evasion.
  • Except for matters attributable to the Company or announcement made by the Company, there is no refund for passengers using single-journey tickets or group tickets once their tickets have been used. Unused tickets can be returned and refunded only on the day of purchase.
  • If passengers exit the station before reaching the destination, no refund is available for making up the fare difference except for matters attributable to the Company or any announcement made by the Company.
  • When passengers apply for refunds of the Company issued tickets, the Company will deduct discounts or promotional offers given as well as the processing fee from the ticket price before giving them the refunds (no refund if the total amount to be deducted exceeds the ticket price).
  • Passengers applying for ticket refunds should first go to Information Counter at the station to submit the application. After verification, the passengers can get the refund on-site or at the designated location.
  • If the operation of the train is interrupted by an emergency at the station or any abnormal condition making carriage evacuation necessary, passengers using single-journey tickets can ask for a full refund within seven days after the incident. Passengers using other types of tickets can use the Automatic Gates to update their tickets or ask Information Counter at the station to update their tickets.
  • When any passenger is stranded in a train or in the elevator due to system failure, the Company shall compensate in accordance with the guidelines regarding the Refund Regulations for Train Disruption and Passenger Stranding During MRT Operations.
Transaction Record Inquiry
  • Passengers can use the“Remaining Value Checking Terminal (RVCT)” at the stations to check your 6 most recent transactions.
  • For inquiries not from the 6 most recent transactions, please proceed to a Station Information Counter for further assistance. If you would like to apply for inquiries on written transaction records of your ticket from more than 6 months ago, you will be charged a service fee of NT$20 for the first written document and NT$5 more for each additional page.