About Taoyuan Metro


October 28
Ministry of Transportation and Communications appointed Bureau of High Speed Rail to be the construction agency of this project.


March 9
The central government approved the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport Ground Access MRT project.


June 26
A groundbreaking ceremony for airport MRT construction was held with the presence of Premier Su Ching-chang.


September 1
Ministry of Transportation and Communications appointed Taoyuan City to be the local authority agency.


July 06
Taoyuan Metro Corporation was established.
捷運開幕圖(一) 捷運開幕圖(二) 捷運開幕圖(三)

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport is the gate to Taiwan, while Taiwan Taoyuan Airport MRT extends that gate. Airport MRT not only provides passengers with safe, convenient, comfortable, and high quality MRT service but also symbolizes the nation’s advancement. Aside from the architecture of MRT train stations, urban and rural scenery and landscapes linked up by airport MRT create a variety of exciting visual and spatial experiences for passengers, making their trip memorable. Moreover, this airport MRT project fits into other urban development projects along the MRT line, driving local prosperity, promoting a balanced urban-rural development, and ultimately, improving the environment and invigorating the economy. It has multiple benefits.

The Company started preparing for the construction project on July 13, 2009. In a September 1, 2009 letter, Taoyuan City Government was appointed by the Ministry of Transportation and Communications to be the local authority agency of the construction project of the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport Ground Access MRT system. To facilitate the MRT construction and to establish collaborative relationships with cities and counties along the MRT line, Taoyuan City Government convened a corporate preparation meeting and met with Taipei City Government and New Taipei City Government. In the meeting, the three cities passed a resolution that the three cities shall co-fund this MRT construction project. On July 6, 2010, Taoyuan Metro Corporation was established to be in charge of the management and maintenance of the Taiwan Taoyuan Airport MRT line according to the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

The main scope of operations of the Company is public transit system operation and affiliated businesses. The goal is to make reasonable profits from various channels, establish a sound operating system and profit-making capacity of the company, and devote itself to company operating system development, business procedure design, financial planning, raising capital, recruiting and training personnel, and MRT station planning.