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Declaration Of Intellectual Property Rights And Disclaimer


  • All contents published on the Taoyuan Metro official website other than the items not being the subject of copyright which was regulated by Copyright Act (e.g.: law and order. Please see Article 9 of Copyright Act for reference.), including but not limited to, text report, photograph, image, illustration, audio, video, file, website arrangement and webpage design, were protected from Copyright Act of the Republic of China and international copyright laws.
  • The above items which shall not being the subject of copyright may be used by anyone. Welcome all sectors to use them.
  • For those contents of this website which were protected by Copyright Act, they shall not be used before consent or authorization of the copyright owner except for the condition of reasonable use.
  • The condition of reasonable use mentioned above is explained as below:
    • or those writings which were published in the name of Taoyuan Metro on this website, i.e.: the author is Taoyuan Metro, they may be reproduced or publicly broadcasted or transmitted within reasonable range with indication of source.
    • The information on this website may be reproduced for the non-profit purpose of individual or family.
    • The information on this website may be referred with indication of source within reasonable scope for the purpose of report, comment, teaching, research or other justified ones.
    • For other conditions of reasonable use, please refer to Article 44-65 of Copyright Act.
  • The writings shall be electronic rights management information made by a copyright owner without removal or alternation in the Article 80-1 of Copyright Act or they can’t be legally used. The electronic rights management information marked on this website shall not be removed or altered without permission except that required for the technical condition in the conversion of recording or transmission system.
  • In addition to those items mentioned above, please notice regulations relevant to the portrait right of photographed one and personal information protection.
  • For those contents published on this website and provided or established related links for third party, the web page or information linked by those links were provided by the linked website and their related rights were owned by such website or legal owner. This website doesn’t guarantee its accuracy, timeliness or completeness.
  • The interpretation and application of this statement as well as relevant disputes shall be based on the laws of the Republic of China.