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A17 Linghang Station

Station Information

No.351, Sec. 4, Linghang N. Rd., Dayuan Dist., Taoyuan City
Operation hours:
05:50 ~ Last Train

Station Service Location Description

Near Exit 1 on the concourse level
Drinking Water:
Near Exit 1 at the unpaid area on the concourse level
At the paid area on the concourse level
Accessible Elevators:
  1. Platform elevators: There are two elevators at the paid area on the concourse level; one going to Platform 2 and one going to Platform 3.
On the left side of Exit 1 of the Station; in front of the bike parking area.   
Exit No. Location Remarks
Exit 1 On the north side of Section 4,  Linghang North Road  


Taiwan High Speed Rail