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Safety Facilities


Station Emergency Car Stop Button

Location:Each platform is equipped with two emergency car stop buttons

If someone breaks into the car, accidentally falls onto the track, or has their foot stuck in the platform, press the emergency car stop button to stop the train from approaching the platform.

Emergency Call Buttons

Location:They are located in the elevator and at the escalator, next to the emergency stop button (ESP), and in the emergency trip enclosure.

Passengers can press the emergency call button to contact station personnel if there is any accident.

Emergency Exits

Location:Emergency exits and passages are available at underground stations as well as on each floor of elevated stations for evacuating people to the ground.

If there is any emergency case preventing passengers from exiting the station through regular exits, they can push the emergency door open for evacuation.

Escalator Emergency Stop Buttons

Location:They are installed on columns at the top and bottom of escalators. For a long escalator, there is another button available midway on the column outside the escalator.

Press the acrylic box cover of the emergency stop button and the buzzer will be activated. After you press the acrylic button, the escalator will stop moving.

Under Platform Shelter

Location:It is under and outside the concrete supported facets of the platform.

This space is used for people who accidentally fall from the platform. They can hide in the space sideways in an emergency.

If the button is used for mischief, the user will be penalized according to the Mass Rapid Transit Act and other related laws and regulations. This person will also be held liable for compensation.