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  • Service hours
    Monday to Sunday from 12:00 to 20:00
  • Address
    Next to the bamboo and waterfall (close to the passage to Taiwan Railways on Level B1 of Airport MRT A1 Station (No. 8 Zhengzhou Road, Taipei City)
  • Phone
  • Passengers who have lost their belongings
    Passengers who have lost their belongings can go to Information at the station or the Lost and Found to fill out a Lost Item Form or phone the Lost and Found for help.
  • Passengers who have found someone’s lost item
    Passengers finding someone’s lost item should give it to station personnel to handle. They should also fill out the Lost Item Form. The Company will give the finder a receipt for the lost item found.
  • Passengers claiming a lost item
    When claiming a lost item, the passenger has to provide some proof that he or she is the owner of that item. If the claimer is not the owner of the lost item, the claimer should bring in an original copy of his/her ID card, the original copy of the ID card of the owner of the lost item, and a copy of the power of attorney for claiming the lost item in order to carry out the lost item claim process.
    If the lost item is a valuable item or personal securities the owner has to claim the item in person.

Personal Information Collection Statement of Use

Taoyuan Metro Corporation (hereinafter referred to as the Company) will collect, process, and use the personal information provided by you to carry out the lost and found process in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act and the Company's privacy protection policy.

  • For more details of the Company's privacy protection policy, please refer to “Privacy Protection Policy” on the Company's websitePivacy Policy Statement