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Blissful Journey



A4 Xinzhuang Fuduxin Station concourse level, 2nd Floor and platform Level, 5th Floor
Jen Ta-Hsien
Artwork in the Corridor Ceiling: Length300×Width 300×Height 250cm (±5%)
Artwork on the Corridor Ground: Length80× Width60× Height 250cm (±5%)
Artworks on Platforms:Length 40×Width 40×Height180cm (±5%)
Length 45× Width 45× Height 80cm (±5%)
Length 60× Width 30× Height 120cm (±5%)
Stainless steel
Year Created:

Creative Principle

This artwork is formed with thin welded strips of metal, which shapes the "outline" of objects and create a dialogue between intangible and tangible in physical space.

The characteristic of the stainless steel strips allow a sense of visual penetration through the "outline" of the artwork structure. Additionally, the site-specific creation also gives the artwork an inseparable relationship with the environment. A new way of seeing art is inspired by the sense of contrast between the see-through structure and the intimate quality of an everyday living space. The artwork turns a tangible medium into fine lines, and the viewers are invited to join in an imaginative space.