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Metro Route

Route Introduction

  Airport Terminal 2 Station serves as the interchange point with eastbound heading Taipei Main Station, and southbound heading Zhongli Railway Station while passing by Taoyuan HSR Station.

  The route totals 53 km in length, 13 km of which runs underground with the remaining 40 km elevated above ground, covering three administrative areas, which are Taoyuan City, New Taipei City, and Taipei City. The system comprises 24 stations, including 15 elevated stations, 9 underground stations, and 2 maintenance depots at Chingpu and Luzhu.

  The train has a maximum operating speed of 100km/h and travels between the 3 special municipalities of Taipei City, New Taipei City and Taoyuan City.

Route Introduction

Track Gradients

Of the entire 53 km route, 11.50 km has gradient above 40‰. The steepest section is between A6 and A7 with gradients reaching 49‰. For safety concerns, we have set downslope speed limits for the sections between A6 and A7 stations as well as A9 and A10 stations. Speed limits of other sections with steep slopes are regulated according to the respective routes and curvatures.

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