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Service Introduction


Service Introduction

In-Town Check-In (ITCI) service is a useful supplementary service for travelers. In other words, the airport check-in counters are extended to the downtown area, where the Taipei Main Station (A1) acts as a miniature airport for travelers to check-in, drop-off baggage, confirm seat assignments, and obtain boarding passes in advance. The Nations which have In-Town Check-in (ITCI) service are KORAIL Airport Railroad in Korea, Airport Express in Hong Kong, China, and KLIA Ekspres in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia etc..Taoyuan Metro Corporation now becomes one of the ITCI service providers as the symbol of a Nation's progression.

Passengers can not only complete their check-in procedures earlier but also enjoy a comfortable and convenient ride. For foreign travelers, this service releases them from the burden of baggage before heading to the airport, so they can carry on with their business matters or shopping at ease. It helps to improve the attractiveness of Taiwan for sightseeing. In addition, local travelers for pleasure or business may complete check-in procedure in advance to properly arrange their own time.

In-Town Check-in provides several benefits in the following aspects.

For Passengers :
The Passengers can check-in at A1 Taipei Main Station and arrange sightseeing, shopping, business trip or other purposes based on their needs without carrying heavy luggage with them.

For the Metro Companies :
In-Town Check-in can create the uniqueness in the system to compete with other transport businesses, which attracts more Airline Passengers and raises the profit.

For the Airline Companies :
Providing In-Town Check-in in the urban area can be Airline Companies’ strategy to attract more customers.

For the Airport Operators:
In-Town Check-in can relieve the crowds at the airport service counters and decelerate the expansion of airport terminals.
Furthermore, with In-Town Check-in, the Airport Runners can extend their service breadth into the urban center.

For the (County)Government :
In-Town Check-in can promote the city's image and the service quality of public transportation.
Besides of this, if Taoyuan Metro can appeal to enough passengers, the time loss, fuel waste and air pollution caused by traffic jam can be significantly improved.

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