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Ticket Information

Terms of Use for Ticket

  1. Passengers should refer to the fare schedule published by the TYM in stations for fares payable. Passengers who enter and exit from the same station must pay the minimum single-journey fare promulgated. In certain situations, for instance, the passengers in need may contact station staff for assistance.
  2. Children less than 6 years of age (children over 115cm tall should present identification) can take the Taoyuan Metro without a ticket, however must be accompanied by passengers with tickets. A ticket holding passenger is allowed to accompany two children at most otherwise the TYM may refuse transport services.
  1. A ticket is valid for one person only except Group Ticket.
  2. Passengers must use and hold tickets properly without bending, damaging, scratching or scribbling on the tickets. In the event that a periodic ticket is damaged and cannot be read, no refund will be given and all associated losses shall be borne by the registered cardholder.
  3. The passenger having damaged a Single Journey Ticket shall return the ticket and pay the ticket cost NT$50.
  4. The usage requirements of the tickets sold by each competent issuer shall observe the issuer's regulations.
  5. Please place one ticket only on sensor when entering and exiting the stations and the ticket balance must be at least NT$1. Do not use more than one ticket at the same time.
Fare Adjustment Exit overtime
  1. Unless due to a cause attributable to the TYM, the regulations limit the duration of stays of ticket-holding passengers between entering and leaving a paid area to:
    • (1) No longer than two hours for entering and leaving different stations;
    • (2) No longer than 15 minutes for entering and leaving the same station.
  2. In addition to the original fare, persons in violation of the above regulations are subject to a surcharge equivalent to the minimum single-journey fare promulgated by the TYM.

  1. Single-journey ticket and group ticket: Passengers who over-ride must pay the fare difference at the exiting station. The payable amount will be "the fare already paid by passengers deducted from the fare between the actual starting station and destination station”.
  2. Periodic ticket: Passengers shall pay the single-journey fare for the additional journey.
  3. Tickets issued by other corporations: If the ticket balance is insufficient for paying the fare when exiting the station, please add value to the card or pay the fare in cash at the information counter.

  1. Passengers without tickets, holding invalid tickets or fraudulent tickets that fail to comply with their identity, must pay the difference plus a penalty of 50 times the original fare.
  2. Should the above-mentioned violators be unable to prove his departure station, then the fine will be calculated based on the maximum single fare promulgated.
  3. Passengers who lose or damage their tickets must pay surcharge when settle the fare.
  4. Except for issues attributable to TYM, passengers shall pay the difference in cash before exiting the station. If higher fare has been paid by passengers, no refund will be given.
  5. Passengers unable to pay the outstanding fare or penalty immediately must present proof of identity, fill out a fare settlement form and make the payment within 10 days at one of the information counter of the TYM. The TYM may proceed to recover the funds with legal action if the passenger fails to complete the payment before the deadline.
  6. Passengers using counterfeit tickets will be fined pursuant to the above regulations and brought to the police by the TYM.
  1. Single-journey tickets and group tickets are not refundable after usage or exiting the stations unless there is fault attributable to the TYM or otherwise publicly announced by the TYM. Unused single-journey tickets are refundable on the date of issue only.
  2. Once exiting TYM stations, on the way passengers shall not be refunded for the difference of the fare for untraveled journey unless there is fault attributable to the TYM or otherwise publicly announced by the TYM.
  3. When passengers apply for refunds of periodic tickets, the TYM may deduct concessions or discounts contained in the tickets and charge a handling fee. No refund can be made if the ticket balance is less than the handling fee after concessions or discounts are deducted.
  4. Passengers should file application for refunds of tickets at station information counter. The refund amount will be released at the designated station after the verification process.
  1. When stations are evacuated due to emergency situations, irregularities or train operation suspension, passengers holding single-journey tickets may demand a fare refund within seven days of the incident. For those holding periodic, electronic or other types of tickets, the ticket gates will automatically adjust the data on the tickets the next time the ticket is used on a TYM station. Tickets can also be brought to any station information counter for free data revision.
  2. Passengers suffered from being confined in a train or elevator for longer than 20 minutes will be given one single ride ticket for every 20 minute confinement.
  3. When train service is interrupted due to force majeure events for one day or more, the registered cardholder with a valid periodic ticket who suffered from such interruption will be given two single ride tickets for each day the service is interrupted.
Transaction Record Inquiry
  1. Passengers can make use of the Remaining Value Checking Terminal (RVCT) at all stations to view 6 most recent transactions of their cards.
  2. If more than 6 recent TYM transactions are requested, please fill out an inquiry form at information counter. A handling fee NT$20 plus NT$5 for each additional page will be charged when passengers collect the transaction records.
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